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 Tour de Picnic 2023

The annual charity cycle and run to Electric Picnic is back, bigger and better than ever for its 13th instalment in 2023! We cannot wait to get our bikes out, runners on and make that magic journey down to Stradbally!


Electric Picnic 2023 is SOLD OUT but Tour de Picnic is the best way to earn that ticket! 

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Browse this FAQ list to find answers to questions about the 2023 Tour de Picnic and our charity partners. We’ve tried to include everything, but if you still have unknowns, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Everyone here is eager to help out, so just send us a note on


  • How does Tour de Picnic work?
    Tour de Picnic is a charity cycle/run to raise money and earn that golden ticket to Electric Picnic! Firstly, you must register to participate on and raise a minimum of €450 before 18th August 2023 . Your registration fee is deducted from the overall fundraising goal. Once you reach your fundraising goal on your personal profile on, you will be issued with a Tour de Picnic 2023 ticket. You must bring this ticket to registration in Tallaght Stadium on the morning of the event and you will receive your participation pack. There will be registration, jersey collection, bag drop, breakfast and warm up here. The cyclists will start from this point and the runners will be brought to their starting point on a bus. Starting points and times will be confirmed closer to the date. Upon your arrival in the Tour de Picnic Welcome area, after completion of the run or cycle, we will have a ticket cabin where you will go to receive your 3-day camping Electric Picnic ticket.
  • When does the Tour de Picnic take place?
    The Tour de Picnic will take place on the Friday 1st of September 2023. Finalised start times will be added to the FAQ closer to the date.
  • How do I register to participate in Tour de Picnic 2023
    To register to participate, first you will need to go to and Create an Account on the site. This option can be found in the top right corner of the Giv2Go home page. If you do not receive the email verification link in your email inbox, please check your junk/spam email folder. Once your account is activated, click into the Registration & Fundraising section on and select the event you wish to register to participate in. Once in the event page, you will see the option to Register For Event . Enter in your details and you should be good to go in no time!
  • How do the donations work?
    In order for people to donate directly to your fundraising campaign, you can share your Giv2Go personal profile URL with them via email or on social media. This can be found when going to and clicking Registration & Fundraising Events, then you select the Tour de Picnic 2023 event and search your name in the participants search bar. Once you click on your name and open your personal fundraising profile, your URL will be in the search bar at the top of the screen. Please note that we cannot accept cash donations so all money must be paid into your personal fundraising profile on To make a donation, please go to your personal profile and click on the Donate option. Here you will be able to make payments directly towards your fundraising campaign by entering debit or credit card details.
  • What charities are supported?
    At the end of the event after all the fundraising has ended, we split and donate the total amount raised by all the participants evenly between 3 different charities. We are delighted to announce that the three charities we'll be working with this year are: Children's Health Foundation, ISPCC and Jack and Jill Children's Foundation
  • When is the deadline for fundraising?
    The fundraising deadline for Tour de Picnic 2023 is 25th August 2023. Please email if there are any issues and we will do our best to assist you.
  • What type of Electric Picnic tickets do Tour de Picnic participants receive?
    The ticket you receive upon completion of the Tour de Picnic is a general 3-day camping festival ticket. This means you are welcome to camp in any of the general campsites within Electric Picnic.
  • Can I raise the money and not complete the cycle / run and still get my electric Picnic ticket?
    No - Tour de Picnic participants can only receive their Electric Picnic ticket upon completion of either the 17km run or 80km cycle. The only exception is if you have a medical issue with a doctor's note (explaining that you are not medically fit to participate at the time of the event). You also must have reached your fundraising goal on your participant profile. Please email us a copy of the doctor's note to and we will take note.
  • What type of bike do I need?
    You can use any bicycle but bicycles must be in decent condition for an 80km cycle and helmets must be worn. If you do not have your own bicycle, it's possible to rent one. Rental bikes and helmets will be available on shortly for Tour de Picnic participants at approx €70 each. If you are interested in renting a bike, please email and we will put your name on the list for now and contact you once the rental page is live. With the Tour de Picnic Bike Rental option you will collect your bike at Tallaght Stadium on the morning of the event and once you arrive in Stradbally you hand it back over to a member of the team and you don’t need to do anything else!
  • What happens my bike once I arrive?
    The bikes are brought back to Dublin on the Friday evening after all participants have arrived down at Electric Picnic Festival. They are stored for the weekend in a secure warehouse facility near Dublin city centre. The bikes are available to collect on Monday 4th of September at the following address from Monday 9am to Tuesday 5pm: Eurocycles, Eurobaby, Finches Industrial Park, 1 Long Mile Rd, Western Business Park, Dublin 12, D12 YNY5 Following this, the bicycles will be moved to the below address until 5pm on Friday: The Avon Ri, The Burgage, Blessington, Co. Wicklow, W91 HFX3 Anyone who does not collect their bicycle by Friday 8th September will be subject to a €100 storage fee.
  • What will the route be for the Tour de Picnic?
    Cycle Route Info: The cycle starts at The Square in Tallaght and is 80km along national roads. There will be two rest stops along the way with water stations, treats and craic! The cycle itself is varied and initially there is a gradual climb on the road to Blessington. There’s a great atmosphere and everyone always has a great time! The event will finish in the Tour de Picnic Welcome Area in Electric picnic where we will have some pre-festival fun to get you set up for a fantastic festival weekend ahead! Run Route Info: The runners will meet in Tallaght and be brought to the starting point at Coursetown Dairies in Kildare. It is a 17km cross-country run through lovely fields and forest. You can take the run at your own pace and we will have volunteers along the way keeping you on track and guiding the route! If you are participating in the run and are unable to make it to the starting point the morning of the Tour de Picnic, you will need to make your own way to the run's starting point. We will be able to provide transport for your luggage to the Tour de Picnic Welcome Area and ask that it is all in one bundle. If you are unable to join us at the starting point for the run, please email to let us know and we will take note.
  • Is there parking available at the starting points?
    No - there are no parking facilities available for Tour de Picnic participants at either of the start points. There will be drop off points only. We kindly ask that cars are not left around these two sites.
  • What happens to my luggage during the event?
    We ask all Tour de Picnic participants to arrive at Tallaght Stadium the morning of the event with their luggage (tents, clothing, bags, drink etc) strapped or tied into one secure bundle. It doesn't matter how big or small your bundle is, we just ask that it's all in one. You will receive a luggage tag in Tallaght stadium which must be attached to your bundle. We will transport your gear down to the Tour de Picnic Welcome area where it can be collected upon completion of the run or cycle.
  • How do I get home from Electric Picnic?
    Every participant of Tour de Picnic is entitled to a return bus ticket to Dublin. The return bus service is provided by Marathon Coaches. The return drop off in Dublin is Custom House Quay or North Wall Quay.
  • Can I get a refund? terms and conditions state on the website : Payments for event registration fees and event costs are refundable within 7 days of payment (unless the event has already started) and otherwise are refundable only in the case that an event is cancelled. This is a charity event for three great causes so if at all possible, we would ask you not to seek a refund and let us donate on your behalf!
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