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We are delighted to announce the three incredible  charities you will be raising funds for this year!

Children's Health Foundation

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Children’s Health Foundation raises vital funds to support sick children and their families at Children’s Health Ireland hospitals and urgent care centres in Crumlin, Temple Street, Tallaght and Connolly – funding vital life-saving equipment, providing essential patient and parental supports and making ground-breaking, paediatric research possible.


Every year, hundreds of thousands of children cross the doors of a Children’s Health Ireland hospital or urgent care centre. Their vision is to give every single one of those children the very best chance possible. With your help, we can make that vision a reality.



Funds raised from Tour de Picnic will support Childline, Ireland's only 24hr listening service for children and young people nationwide. ISPCC are always there to support on any issue no matter how big or small!

Last year, ISPCC's 24/7 Childline Listening Service experienced a significant increase in conversations from children seeking support in relation to thoughts about suicide, conflict in the home and feelings of low mood and unhappiness. ISPCC receive on average over 2,000 contacts a week from children and teenagers.

They are given the opportunity to talk about their feelings and worries and they receive instant support from an adult. When these children tell us “I was very sad today, I’m very glad I talked to you, thank you so much” or “Mha mha mha (blowing kisses). I like talking to you. Bye, thank you”, we know how important this service is.

ISPCC rely on 75% of their funding to come from donors and fundraisers. Thank you for your support!

Jack and Jill Children's Foundation


Jack & Jill is a nationwide charity providing in-home nursing care and respite support for children up to the age of 6 with severe to profound cognitive delay. In their 26 years in they have supported over 2,800 thousand children

Jack and Jill support is there for children, not for a week or a weekend, but for those early years from birth to 6 years of age.

That means that, once a child meets the criteria, they are committed to that family for up to 6 years. In reality, the care link with Jack and Jill does not stop after the age of 6,with their nurses staying in contact and the service always available to their  Jack and Jill families who  need support on an emergency basis. 

Jack and Jill was set up so that other families would not have to walk this difficult care journey alone. Your support will help Jack and Jill to support more children, at a time when demand for their service is higher than ever, as are costs of providing that vital service.

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